We work to provide exemplary service in every aspect of our business. From chart integration, to sample procurement, and analytical testing, we are happy to assist in any of your needs. See below for a list of our offerings.

EMPACT Analytical Systems Inc. Cylinders
Laboratory Testing

Our laboratory services are recognized for providing high-quality analytical information in exploratory projects for renewable energy testing and in specialty research projects. Also, we have been recognized among clients as having outstanding quality and measurement repeatability.

Field Measurement Services
Field Measurement

Our field measurement department provides preventative maintenance, new installation, and troubleshooting for mechanical and electronic flow meters. Additionally, our chart and field measurement departments work closely together to ensure our client’s data is reported accurately.

Chart Integration
Gas Volume Measurement

Today, fewer laboratories are offering chart integration as a service. At EMPACT, we still assist clients who are interested in chart integration. In addition to that, we offer calibrations and gas analysis. Our gas volume measurement and chart integration department also provide resources for mechanical and electronic flow meters (EFM).

Parts Department

Our parts department contains a wide variety of products. Our basic inventory list includes the Length of Stain Pumps, New Flow Meters, Meter Tubes, and Primary and Secondary Meter Parts. To find a more extensive list of products, click the link below, and also please contact us for more information and pricing.


What You Get With Us:

When you use our products or services, you are going to receive the best support in customer service aspects as well as a commitment to safety.

We have gone over 5 years without a single safety incident. As well as our commitment to safety, we also provide:

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