LAboratory services


Our laboratory services have been recognized in providing quality analytical information in exploratory projects for renewable energy testing, specialty research projects, and in the energy industry. We also have been recognized among clients as having outstanding quality and measurement repeatability.

In meeting these standards, our results have contributed to several publications and research projects. For nearly 30 years, our company has been one of the few experts in the analysis of Sulfur Compound Analysis and Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis.

Organic testing

  • Natural Gas and Liquid Testing (C6+)
  • DHA – Extended Natural Gas and Liquid Testing
  • Sulfur Total or Speciation Analysis
  • Hydrocarbons in Water
  • Physical Oil Testing
        • Vapor Pressure 
        • Corrosion Testing 
        • Flashpoint 

inorganic testing

  • Formation Water 
  • Industry-Specific Microbial Bacteria Tests

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Our staff follows each sample through the entire process, paying attention to detail from onsite sampling to analyzing and reporting. EMPACT can provide clients with sampling kits and assistance with shipping. If you are uncertain about how we can help you, please contact our staff to determine the correct analytical solutions that suit your requirements and budget. Call us at 303-637-0150

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