Focus areas


In preserving the planet, we must prioritize minimizing our carbon footprint. At EMPACT, we work with clients in determining the specific testing required for assessing regulatory requirements, energy efficiency, health, and safety. Some of our environmental services include:


Although Mechanical Computing has come and gone, it remains an example of a mindset that aims to leave a smaller footprint. As we combine operations with the aid of new technology, we also decrease the energy and space taken. We recognize the importance of accuracy for all stakeholders that are involved.  Some of our mechanical-related services:


We provide a variety of testing and sampling services to evaluate product quality and environmental regulations. Our company was one of the first laboratories to run the Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis (DHA), and it is that expertise that drives our customer satisfaction. Some of our petrochemical services include:  


What does it mean to have a clean environment and a stable economy without a sustainable food source? We believe in a crucial need for clean water, soil, and air to produce the reliable safe healthy nutrients our bodies require. Some of our agricultural analyses include:


Our company believes it is our responsibility to understand the chemicals around us. In our natural environment or through development, chemicals should be evaluated in determining their impact to our health and the climate. We offer the following services to help create a sustainable future: 


Conservation of energy is something that can take place even within our own homes. We offer different options for thermal testing to find the most efficient method of energy consumption. Some of our services include:

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